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Club Details

Kenwood Country Club

6501 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243

This club uses CMAA's General Manager/Chief Operating Officer Concept.
Age of Club Number of Members Average Age of Members Club Ownership
92 925 58 Member-Owned
Gross Dollar Volume Annual Dues Volume Annual Food Sales Annual Beverage Sales
$18,000,000.00 $6,300,000.00 $3,900,000.00 $2,200,000.00

Golf Facilities

  • 18 hole course, par 72, designed by William H. Diddle, Fry/Straka Commissioned for 2019 Reno
  • 18 hole course, par 70, designed by William H. Diddle, Fry/Straka Commissioned for 2019 Reno

Tennis Facilities

  • 2 outdoor Hard courts
  • 4 outdoor Clay courts

Swimming Facilities

  • 2 Outdoor
Baby pool, zero-entry pool, competition pool, and diving well

Other Athletic Facilities

Four Paddle Tennis Courts (LED lighting) 3,000 square foot fitness facility Spa treatment room (massage) - 143 square feet

Dining Facilities

  • 1 Informal Dining Room that seats 216
  • 1 Casual Dining Room that seats 80
  • 1 19th Hole/Men's Grill that seats 65
  • 1 Pavilion that seats 60
  • 1 Living Room/Patio that seats 160
  • 1 Ballroom that seats 160
  • 1 Garden Room that seats 80
  • 1 East, West and Central Dining Rooms that seats 140
  • 1 South Terrace, Kenwood Room, Starlight that seats 100
  • 1 Banquet Tavern that seats 60
Kenwood Country Club offers a robust Food and Beverage operation accounting for approximately $6.1 M of the Club’s overall approximate $18 M in revenue. In season, the Club offers 7 different outlets for our Members. • Hunt and Terrace Room • Family Room and West Patio • 19th Hole • Tavern Bar • Pavilion Restaurant • Men's Grill • Summerhouse for pool café services and golf turn Besides the ala carte dining outlets, the 93,000 square foot renovated Clubhouse features welcoming banquet spaces. In peak season, the Food and Beverage team is made up of approximately 100 employee partners. Kenwood’s F&B operation has been recently highlighted 3 different tines in Club and Resort Chef Magazine on our culture and for more information the following articles are available: , ,

Special Club Features

Club is open 6 days per week, 12 months per year.

Job Details

Date Posted


Job Title

Food & Beverage Internships

Brief Job Description

Food and Beverage Supervisory Internship and Food and Beverage Level 1 Internship

Level 1 Internship: (2 openings)

This Food and Beverage Level 1 internship will provide hands-on learning opportunities in multiple outlets and provide students with the necessary skills to fully engage in operations. At the completion of the internship, the student will be well versed in numerous dining settings – casual service, events, outside dining, fast casual and fine dining.  Besides operational skillset development, we look forward to providing our interns networking opportunities and the opportunity for career advancement.

Each intern will also complete an individual project highlighting an aspect of the food and beverage curriculum they are interested in. A team project will also be assigned to all fellow club interns to be completed by the end of the internship. Shadow days of executives and other key managers are also available towards the end of the program.

Food and Beverage Seasonal Supervisory Internship: (3 openings)

This Food and Beverage Supervisory internship will provide students hands-on learning and situational leadership opportunities.   Students seeking a food and beverage supervisory internship should have completed a previous food and beverage internship or have multiple seasons/years of experience in the food and beverage industry.    Supervisory interns will have the opportunity to lead shifts, develop schedules, engage in seasonal hiring, attend weekly operation meetings, and learn the prerequisite skills to managing an operation – conduct inventory, payroll management, POS administration.


Candidate Qualifications

Career oriented college students pursuing a degree related to Hospitality. We seek applicants who can start late April/early May and contin ue their internship until late August/early September.

Educational Requirements

Date Position Available

May 2023

Other Benefits


Furnished apartments (single gender) near the Club are available and are located close to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment districts.  Each intern will be responsible for a refundable $200 security deposit and a $150 rental fee per weekly pay period. The rental fee includes major utilities, but cable, telephone, and internet service are the responsibility of the interns.

Other Benefits:

The club will provide uniforms, employee partner meals during shifts, and educational/networking opportunities through the CMAA.  

Please send resumes to:

Haley Hopkins
Director of Food & Beverage
6501 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45243
PHONE: 513-561-7482

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